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SourceAutoRecord, or SAR, is a plugin for Portal 2 and mods based on it, bringing lots of features and modifications into the game for speedrunners and people alike. To install it, head down to the installation instructions.







To install SAR, download either the latest release or pre-release for your operating system, and move it to your game folder. If you don't know where to find your game folder, you can open it through Steam by navigating to your library and selecting Portal 2. Then, right-click the game and select Properties. Press Local files, and Browse. The folder that opens is your game directory. Put the SAR file you just downloaded in here. SAR does not currently support macOS.

NOTE: Your antivirus may flag SAR as a false positive. If this is the case, open the software and exclude SAR (mark it as safe). This process depends on which antivirus software you use.

After you have installed SAR, launch the game and open the developer console. Enter plugin_load sar to load SAR into the game.

NOTE: You will have to manually load SAR every time you launch your game. It is recommended to download srconfigs; a set of configuration files that will automate SAR loading, as well as several other things related to speedrunning. If you are unable to, or don't want to download srconfigs, it is recommended to have an autoexec that loads SAR upon game launch.

In order to update SAR, you can simply use the in-game SAR console command sar_update.

You can also check the release page for other versions.

NOTE: Submitting a run on an older version of SAR is against the rules, and will get your run removed from the leaderboards. It is recommended to be on the latest version of SAR unless stated otherwise in the community Discord server.

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